Further information – Obstetrics

Your Care at The Portland Hospital for Women and Children

Pain relief to suit you

All forms of birthing pain relief are available at The Portland Hospital. Parents-to-be may be referred by their consultant obstetrician or midwifery team to meet a consultant anaesthetist prior to delivery if they need or wish to discuss pain relief options for the big day. One of our resident consultant anaesthetists will undertake an assessment and advise you on the best options for pain relief to meet your individual needs.

Paediatric care to follow

All babies born at The Portland Hospital receive a full paediatric review prior to discharge by a consultant paediatrician. Many parents then choose to follow on with paediatric care for their child at the Portland. The Portland Hospital is also the UK’s largest Independent Children’s Hospital devoted to caring for babies and children up to the age of 16 years.

Additional Support Services

Midwifery Booking Clinic

Mothers-to-be who are booked under the care of a Consultant Obstetrician are invited to attend the Midwifery Booking Clinic. This is a pre-assessment clinic which provides the opportunity to meet a member of the midwifery team prior to admission. It also enables you to discuss your personal needs and requirements with a member of hospital staff. The midwife will offer a wealth of information on nutrition, health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy, and discuss plans for delivery at The Portland Hospital. All women will be invited to attend, however should you not receive an invitation you can contact the midwives directly on 020 7390 6318.

Consultant Referral Clinic

Consultant Obstetricians can refer women to this midwife led clinic for routine medical tests including blood screening, swabs and scans.

Anaesthetic Clinic

Mothers-to-be may be referred by their Consultant Obstetrician or midwife to meet a Consultant Anaesthetist prior to delivery if they wish to further discuss pain relief options. The Consultant Anaesthetist will undertake a health assessment and advise you on the medical options for pain relief available to you.

Maternity tour booking & antenatal classes

Phoebe Martin is the Maternity Services Advisor at the Portland Hospital.  She is responsible for the Maternity enquiry line (0207 390 6068) and handles all the initial customer enquiries that come through to the hospital.

The Portland Hospital has launched a new maternity tour booking process online.  Patients will be able to book a maternity tour online through the website.  You can still call the enquiry line however they will be directing ladies to the website as another option.  Please see the link below to the maternity tour booking page:


Phoebe can also book the antenatal classes for all pregnant ladies.  Any therapies, Yoga or Pilates should still go through to Physiotherapy.  All the class options are on the website.  Please see the link below to the classes section on the Portland Hospital website:



Useful Contacts:

Beth Graham – Breastfeeding Specialist






We work very closely with Beth Graham.  She is a midwife and a lactation consultant.  She offers advice on breastfeeding and does home visits which many patients find very useful.  You can find more information on her services via her website – www.midwifebeth.com





Lulubaby offer support and advice for London parents and parents-to-be. For first time parents, they provide comprehensive antenatal courses. In addition, they offer paediatric first aid classes and other workshops. They hold classes in several locations in Central & SW London. www.lulubaby.co.uk


Night Nannies




Night Nannies offer night nannies as well as maternity specialists.  www.nightnannies.com


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