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Sexual Health

Sexual Health Checks

Our team of consultants are able to assess you for sexually transmitted infections whether you are experiencing new symptoms (abdominal pain, pain passing urine, abnormal vaginal discharge) or are asymptomatic. These tests are also routinely offered prior to the fitting of the contraceptive coil.

Some women experience painful sex (dyspareunia). There are a number of causes for dyspareunia, which can be due to external or internal factors. Our consultants will explore the reasons for your symptoms and arrange investigation and treatment accordingly.

Obstetric patients who have recently given birth, or patients who have had a gynaecological procedure or operation may wonder when it is safe to have sex. This is dependant on your particular situation, including mode of delivery, type of operation, possible complications and of course when you feel ready. Your consultant will advise you based on your situation. Click here for more information.

What to expect from your appointment:

  • Consultation with one of our female consultant gynaecologists

  • Thorough sexual health and medical history

  • Pelvic examination and / or swabs

  • If required, further investigation with transvaginal ultrasound scan

  • Notification of results

  • Written medical report which can be posted or emailed to yourself and health professional(s) of your choice

  • Prescription arrangement if required

  • Follow up advise if required

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