Antenatal care at Miss Claire Mellon & Associates is provided by Miss Karolina Afors and Miss Claire Mellon herself. Both obstetricians are highly experienced and under their guidance you and your baby will receive a level of care that is world renowned. 

Early Pregnancy

Early pregnancy refers to the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, during which your baby matures faster compared to the other trimesters. Our early pregnancy specialists are able to offer you a reassurance scan at 6-7 weeks for peace of mind.


The early pregnancy scan serves to show how many babies there are, the estimated delivery date and detect the fetal heartbeat. The scan can also show if the pregnancy is ectopic (outside of the womb).

Antenatal Care

Your antenatal appointments at Miss Claire Mellon & Associates will commence from 16 weeks, providing you with continuity throughout your pregnancy and the chance to establish a relationship with your obstetrician.

Miss Mellon and Miss Afors are obstetric specialists and will ensure that you and your baby receive the safest level of care.

All of our antenatal patients deliver at The Portland Hospital.

Elective Caesarean Section

A Caesarean Section may be recommended for a variety of reasons, or may simply be your preferred delivery method.


We offer elective Caesarean Sections - even if you opt to have the rest of your antenatal care elsewhere. Usually, this package will require a minimum of two consultations prior to delivery and a postnatal review 6 weeks after delivery.  

Frequently asked questions

Meet our Obstetricians

Both Miss Mellon and Miss Afors are extremely experienced Obstetricians, who take a holistic approach to pregnancy and delivery.


The benefit of consultant-led delivery is the continuity of care. Your consultant is familiar with your medical history and over the course of your pregnancy, you develop a trusting relationship with them. Their expertise will ease any concerns there may be leading up to and including the birth.

COVID-19 and pregnancy

‘The Royal College of Obstetricians Gynaecologists (RCOG) and the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) caution that pregnant women risk getting severely ill with COVID-19 and that the risks are greater further into pregnancy. The institutions acknowledged that there had been “mixed messages” about the safety of the vaccines for pregnant women, but experts now say it is clear that receiving the jab while pregnant is safe’.

Get in Touch

Our friendly office team will help with all your Obstetrics-related queries. Should you have an urgent query, they will be able to connect you with either Miss Mellon or Miss Afors if you wish to speak to them urgently.