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Elise Tobias
Hypnobirth specialist and Birth and Postnatal Doula

Elise Tobias

Elise is a highly experienced Hypnobirth specialist and Birth and Postnatal Doula accredited by The Royal College of Midwives.


Elise uses the key elements of hypnobirthing, namely; a deep understanding of childbirth physiology, alongside the use of proven mindfulness and relaxation techniques, to improve, and often transform, how expectant parents feel ahead of, and during, their labour and birth.

Course Options & Fees

  • Private Hypnobirthing Course (4 x 90' sessions or 3 x 2 hour sessions): £600 

This full private course is perfect if you would most enjoy 1:1 learning and a course which will be fully tailored to you, your partner and your particular needs. A private course is often preferable for those with fears or worries which they would like individualised support and strategies to overcome. This course is suitable for both first and subsequent pregnancies.

  • Group Course (4 x 90' sessions - small groups of up to 4 couples): £400

Group Courses are a great way to meet and build connections with other pregnant couples who are also patients of the Miss Claire Mellon & Associates practice. Groups are kept small and intimate to maximise your enjoyment and learning experience. Groups run monthly - please email Elise to find out about the upcoming Group Course dates. 

  • Single 75 minute Hypnobirthing / Birth Preparation Session: £175

Single Hypnobirthing or Birth Preparation sessions with Elise are perfect if you are short on time but eager to feel prepared with the knowledge and practical tools that will help you through your labour. These sessions are also suitable if you did some hypnobirthing in a previous pregnancy and would like a refresher class, or if you would like some assistance with a particular element of your birth preparation. These bespoke birth coaching sessions can also help you if you’re planning an Elective C-Section or Induction of Labour, and you would like to learn how to best prepare and use hypnobirthing for these types of planned birth. 

  • Additional Information:

All course materials, including a comprehensive Course Companion Workbook, a library of relaxation audio mp3 tracks (for pregnancy and labour) and video masterclasses are included with all Private & Group courses booked, alongside continuous email correspondence with Elise during your course. 


  • Birth Partners are always welcome and encouraged to attend with you. 


  • Courses are suitable from 20 weeks of pregnancy onwards. 

If you would like to know more about Birth Doula packages, please contact Elise.



T: 07740 901619

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