The Wellness Space

At Miss Claire Mellon & Associates we're committed to providing healing of every kind to our patients, which is why we now offer holistic treatments in our dedicated Wellness Space.

What is offered?

We currently offer Reiki and Reflexology treatments 

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the ancient technique of applying gentle pressure to the feet, hands or face to promote a state of deep relaxation and stimulate the body’s own healing process. Reflexologists believe that the hands, feet and head - which lie at the extremities of the body where neural pathways end -  hold an intricate mapping system and that specific points are aligned with organs and the systems of the body.Treatments benefit everyone, whatever their state of health or age and can be particularly useful to reduce stress and help with fertility, conception, birth and menopause.

Our Reflexologist: Anabel Cutler

Within our wellness space you will find Anabel Cutler an AoR (Association of Reflexologists) approved practitioner in foot and hand reflexology as well as facial rejuvenation reflexology. Trained at the London School of Reflexology under renowned reflexologist Louise Keet; Anabel was formerly a journalist and editor for titles including ELLE Decoration, Instyle and The Daily Mail, as well as Head of Content and Comms at Space NK,


Anabel has tested and written about hundreds of complementary and alternative therapies around the world. “Out of all the complementary therapies she tried, she found that reflexology, which uses pressure points on the feet, hands and face to balance all the systems of the body, was the most consistently potent and fast-acting treatment. She recalls arriving at her reflexologist appointments stressed and exhausted and emerging feeling energised and renewed. Anabel then became fascinated with how reflexology worked and so went on to train - in order to provide the same outstanding results she experienced to others. ” 


Anabel now uses her knowledge and passion for health and beauty to offer restorative treatments that include foot, hand and facial reflexology that will support and nurture you through all life’s challenges. 

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