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The Wellness Space

At Miss Claire Mellon & Associates we're committed to providing healing of every kind to our patients, which is why we offer holistic treatments in our dedicated Wellness Space

The Wellness Space is now open!

We are delighted to have opened our Wellness Space on the top floor of Miss Claire Mellon & Associates once more. Currently we're offering healing reflexology, acupuncture and osteopathy. There will be many more treatments, classes and seminars to try out over the next few months - we will keep you posted

Ross Barr is a fertility and women's health expert and registered acupuncturist.

Our Acupuncturist
Ross Barr
Ross Barr

Anabel Cutler is an AoR (Association of Reflexologists) approved practitioner in foot and hand reflexology as well as facial rejuvenation reflexology. 

Anabel Cutler
Anabel Cutler
Our Reflexologist
Carla Pozner

Carla Pozner is a British College of Osteopathic Medicine trained Osteopath, with a specialist interest in Prenatal, Postnatal and Paediatric Osteopathy.

Our Osteopath
Untitled design (1).png

Dr. Anne Coxon

Dr Anne Coxon is a chartered Health Psychologist and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Dr. Anne Coxon
Our Chartered Health Psychologist
Elise Tobias

Elise Tobias is a Hypnobirth specialist, accredited by the  Royal College of Midwives and a Birth and Postnatal Doula, providing families with continuity of emotional and practical support during pregnancy, labour, birth and the initial postnatal period.

Elise Tobias

Our Doula and Hypnobirth expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I legally be treated during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Under current Government guidelines, patients can be treated with complimentary therapies when they have genuine medical conditions. These include physical conditions such as backache, headaches and pregnancy and fertility issues; also included are mental health concerns such as anxiety, stress and depression. However we are currently not allowed to offer treatments which are solely for pampering. 

A Safe Space

Your health and well-being is of the utmost importance to us. With that in mind we are offering a serene, safe and secure treatment space at the Miss Claire Mellon & Associates Wellness Space and have done our utmost to ensure it is fully compliant with required health and safety recommendations.

Our COVID-19 Precautions

  • All surfaces will be wiped down between patients. The room will be well ventilated after each treatment. 

  • Wellness staff will be regularly tested to ensure they are COVID-19 free.

  • Before your treatment we will ask you to fill out a brief online COVID-19 form. This is to confirm that you are currently free from COVID-19 and have not had any contact with anyone with symptoms. We will ask you to state your medical condition (e.g. backache, anxiety).

  • During the treatment our practitioner will wear a face covering. It is standard practice to wash hands vigorously before and after each treatment.

  • We use freshly laundered towels, blankets and coverings for each client.  

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