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Miss Rajvinder Khasriya

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At the practice

Miss Rajvinder Khasriya is an experienced consultant Gynaecologist with Subspecialist training in Urogynaecology. She has a special interest in recurrent or chronic urinary tract infection, pelvic pain and also see’s patients for problems with prolapse, incontinence and general gynaecology conditions.


Miss Khasriya works at the Whittington Hospital and privately alongside Miss Claire Mellon at The Portland Hospital.

Miss Khasriya has been a member of The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology since 2012. She is a Consultant in Urogynaecology at the Whittington Hospital and UCLH and lead for the Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Service at Whittington Health, a unique Tertiary centre for the treatment and study of chronic UTI, she has a special interest in Pelvic Pain and runs a Pelvic Pain clinic jointly with the Pain Management centre UCLH.


Miss Khasriya has an academic appointment at UCL and is the clinical principal investigator for the Bladder Infection Immunity Group (BIIG). Her Clinical research interests lie in chronic UTI; diagnostic methods, pathophysiology and treatment. She frequently gives invited lectures on the topic of chronic UTI to many International and National Urogynaecology and Urology Conferences.


She completed her undergraduate studies at University College London (UCL) and she went on to complete a PhD at UCL in 2011; Thesis: ‘The role of bacterial infection in the aetiology of the overactive bladder’ under the supervision of Professor James Malone-Lee and Prof Mike Wilson at the Eastman Dental Institute, UCL. She completed Subspecialty Urogynaecology training at UCLH in 2018.

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