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Emily Foster, RD
Nutritionist & Dietitian Specialising in Gut and Hormonal Health

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Emily Foster is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and nutritionist, specialising in gut health and hormonal health, with a special interest in the perimenopause and post-menopausal period. She is registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council), British Dietetic Association and is a member of the British and North American Menopause Societies.


She helps individuals manage and overcome gut challenges, which can often be related to hormonal changes, such as: acid reflux, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, histamine intolerance, food allergy and intolerance, IBS and IBD flare-ups. She also works with many clients who have developed gut issues as a part of long COVID symptoms.


Emily’s holistic approach with her clients also incorporates elements of mindfulness, stress management and movement to achieve “gut calming” goals. A dietitian and nutritionist for over a decade, she has been frequently sought out by the media as a reliable nutrition expert and has appeared in the BBC One Show, Women’s Health, The Mirror, and more.

Package Options & Fees

The “Clarity” Initial Consultation Process

  • Most clients start with Emily on the Initial Consultation Process “Clarity” Package, to get to the bottom of your symptoms, provide you a care plan to follow, and start you on the path to feeling better!

  • The initial consultation process is 90 minutes, split into two parts: 
    Part 1 - Getting to know you & Getting to the bottom of your symptoms (60-minute session): Emily gets to understand your goals, health history and conditions in depth. She will answer your initial questions, or concerns, and will provide you with some initial advice for quick wins.
    Part 2 - The Care Plan & Pathway (30-minute session): Emily will present your bespoke care plan and talk you through how to take positive action to implement the recommendations. This will be 3-7 days after Part 1.


  • Fee: £495.00

*More packages and programs are available, please visit her website for more information.  

For bookings, please call or email Emily:



T: 020 3827 1557

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