How do I make an appointment? You can self refer for any of our gynaecology or obstetric packages. To self refer you can contact us by phone or email. If you have health insurance you will need to speak to your insurance company to obtain authorisation prior to your appointment.  It is likely you will need to be referred by your GP.

What hospitals do you use? We see patients at The Portland Hospital Consulting Rooms, First Floor, 212 Portland Street. Operations are done at The Portland Hospital and occasionally The London Clinic, however babies are always delivered at The Portland Hospital. We use other local HCA hospitals for allied services such as mammograms, for example the Princess Grace Hospital.

How do I pay? You can pay by cash, cheque, credit/debit card (we do not accept AMEX) or bank transfer

Do you accept insurance companies? Yes, as long as you provide us with your membership number and a valid authorisation number we are happy to invoice insurance companies directly.

Which doctors are in for which days? There is usually a doctor in our consulting suite everyday.

Clinic Days:

Miss Mellon: Tues am-pm / Wed am-pm / Sat am

Miss Vogt: Mon pm / Tues am / Fri am / Most Sat am

Miss Kirk: Tues pm / Wed pm / Fri pm / Occasional Sat am

Miss Afors: Mon pm / Fri pm

What happens if there is an emergency? If you are pregnant and have any concerns out of office hours, you should contact the Portland Hospital Labour Ward on 02073908274. If you are not pregnant and have a gynaecological emergency, you should go to your local A&E department. Miss Mellon will tell you in advance if she is going to be away and will arrange cover with one of the other consultant obstetricians working at The Portland Hospital.

Please contact us if you have any more questions or would like more information.

Where can I find out more about my conditions? See the further information pages (gynaecology & obstetrics)