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Obstetric Packages


Miss Mellon offers an obstetrics package which is an all inclusive fee for antenatal care, delivery and post-natal care. You will be sent a bill for 50% of the fee at 20 weeks and another for the remaining 50% at 34 weeks. If you are covered by insurance we can provide a breakdown of fees as required.  You will be charged for an initial consultation which will be deducted from the package price if you book in with Miss Mellon.

The same fee is charged whether the pregnancy and birth is straightforward or complicated. If there is a prolonged hospital admission prior to birth, there may be an additional fee. Pregnancy fees are only covered by insurance for a few complications specified by the insurance company. Fees for hospital services, ultrasound scans, pathology tests, anaesthetists and paediatricians are charged separately by the relevant service.

Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or credit/debit card.  Charges apply for credit card payments.


If you require a Caesarean Section and opt to do most of your care on the NHS or elsewhere the cost will be £5500 for the Caesarean Section + £400 per consultation.  Usually you will require a minimum of two consultations prior to delivery and a postnatal review 6 weeks following.  Payment required in full prior to delivery.


6-8 weeks of pregnancy:  The initial consultation and early pregnancy scan will be carried out by one of Miss Mellon’s trusted colleagues in our clinic.  They will perform a scan, provide information and answer any questions relating to your pregnancy and refer you on for prenatal testing.   You will then come to see Miss Mellon at 16 weeks with all the results.


16-32 weeks:  Antenatal visits will be approximately every 4 weeks

32-36 weeks:  Antenatal visits will be every 2 weeks

36 weeks until delivery:  Antenatal visits will be every week or as recommended by Miss Mellon

6 weeks post-delivery: Postnatal review, includes a discussion about contraception and a smear test

ROUTINE TESTS (charged separately)

Blood tests

These are done at the first visit and then at 28 weeks.

Ultrasound scans

The Harmony/NIFTY is a non-invasive prenatal test which can be done at 10 weeks.  The nuchal is done at 11-13 weeks and the anomaly at 20 weeks.  Miss Mellon recommends you have these done with either Basky or Aris who are foetal medicine specialists based at the Ultrasound Diagnostic Services, 148 Harley Street.   You can find more information on their services on their website – www.uds.uk.com
Miss Mellon will do a quick scan to check for foetal well being and position at each visit you have with her (these scans are included as part of the obstetrics package).


You will be informed well in advance of any planned holiday/leave arrangements that Miss Mellon has. Once or twice a month she will be away for the weekend, and she has occasional other professional duties which take her away for short periods. Cover will always be provided by a colleague at the Portland Hospital.


Out of hours, you may telephone:

The Portland Hospital, Labour Ward

020 7 390 8274

Once you have booked in with Miss Mellon you will be given her personal mobile number but please note this is strictly for emergencies only. All non-urgent queries should be directed to Miss Mellon’s office number.

The office is open Monday to Friday. Eloise will be pleased to deal with any queries and pass messages on to Miss Mellon.