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Coil Fitting

There are two types of coil available and you can choose whichever you feel more suits your needs. The copper IUD coil has no hormones and can last for up to 10 years. The Mirena IUS coil contains a small amount of progesterone which can be very helpful to women in controlling heavy or painful periods as well as providing contraception, this lasts for 5 years.

You will have a consultation with a specialist doctor who will discuss your contraception needs and your chosen method. The doctor will undertake a pelvic ultrasound to check the womb and ovaries. The doctor will take swabs and, provided there is no risk of pregnancy or infection, insert the coil. You will have a scan to ensure the coil is correctly placed and be given advice on what to expect following the procedure.

You may wish to have a follow-up visit, 6 weeks after, to check that the coil is still in the correct position.

Please read the information sheet on what to expect.

Copper coil (IUD): £100
Mirena Coil (IUS): £200

Please see our fees for our consultation and scan prices.

For more information with regards to the coils, their advantages and disadvantages, please see below:

Mirena Coil (IUS) Fact Sheet
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