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Fertility Assessment Package

The fertility assessment package is designed to assess your reproductive health and ascertain fertility problems. This is appropriate for women, or couples, who wish to know the status of their fertility, whether you are currently actively trying to conceive, or planning to start a family in the near future. Once we have undertaken this assessment the doctor can advise you, via a telephone follow up appointment, of your results and will be able to advise you on possible treatment options, some of which can be undertaken through our clinic (for example, Clomid, follicle tracking, and IUI).

The Fertility Assessment Package: £550

A consultation with a specialist doctor
Blood tests to assess hormone levels, including ovarian function and reserve
Blood test to check Rubella immunity
A pelvic assessment ultrasound to assess for ovarian function and identify any structural problems in the uterus/ovaries.

A telephone follow up appointment.


We may also suggest additional tests depending on your history or findings on ultrasound scan, these may include:

A semen analysis

An infection screen : £150

A HYCOSY  : £450

A HYCOSY is a special type of ultrasound to assess for any abnormalities within the uterine cavity, and whether the fallopian tubes are patent.